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The Windrider - Pt. 8
Kumi, Alsansa, and Seren quickly made their way over to the other mansion. So far, they hadn't seen any guards. The second building appeared to be as forsaken as the whole town.
"I can sense weak magic", Aslansa muttered, after the three pirates had entered the "bad man"'s mansion the same way they had gained access to the previous one. But aside from the faint presence of magic, there was nothing else the half-blood demon could sense. Still, the trio moved with great care as he lead them towards the source of the magic.
Suddenly, he froze.
"Someone's here", he hissed, but in the next moment, there was a blade at his throat.
"Make it three", a voice hissed.
"Aisuru?", Seren asked carefully. The blade sunk.
"What are you doing here?", Latte whispered, now leaving her hiding spot.
"We found a hint that the people of the village might have been brought in here.", Kumi replied.
"There are scents, but I can't locate them", the lycan spy said.
"Where's Alana?", Seren wondered and not
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Jumping Ship: Chapter Twenty-Seven
As he began to come to, one of the first things he realized was he was lying in bed. It was a little strange, because he couldn’t remember getting into the bed. Constantine was quite certain if he’d gotten himself into bed last night, he would’ve remembered doing it. He really wasn’t one to forget things.
For a moment, he wondered maybe if he was hungover. He couldn’t really, well, he was having trouble remembering himself at a pub last night, so he wondered if maybe he had had one too many? Constantine had done it before, and being groggy like this wasn’t unusual.
When he attempted to roll himself over, a searing pain shot through his body.
“Constantine?” A distinctively familiar, feminine voice said, somehow getting through the fog currently inside of his head. He knew that voice, he could picture the face but the name, where was that?
Soft, albeit slightly dry, hands wrapped around his wrist, wherever that was located. “Constanti
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BFP Tournament - Part One
Sarah Grace awoke to the feel of wind brushing across her cheeks, grass prickling her arms, and a single voice beckoning her to get up. Slowly, as if emerging from a dream, she came to and blinked. Moonlight streamed down and that’s when Grace noticed that something was wrong. The air didn’t smell like salt and old wood, the ground didn’t gently sway beneath her, and there was grass beneath her arms. Wherever she was, she wasn’t on the Sangue-Padre.
She sat upright without warning, smacking her forehead into Elena’s jaw with enough force to leave bruises. Both young women recoiled sharply, Grace uttering curses and apologies while Elena opened and closed her mouth, testing her jaw. Finally, though, she turned and faced Grace, her face wiped of emotion but her eyes glassy and shining. Pain pounded in Grace’s head, both from smacking into Elena but also from something else, like she’d had too much to drink and had a handover. Elena waited patient
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The Windrider - Pt. 6
In order to bring the fight to Rangur and not towards the Sangue-Padre, Sparky and Reaper made their way over to the Windrider. But much sooner than anyone would have expected, they returned, Rangur's ship apparently unaffected by them.
"Our powers are not working!", Sparky growled.
"They are, but those ghosts keep coming back the moment we got rid of them", Reaper explained with grim expression.
"There has to be a way to defeat them", Lady Riddle stated, though she sounded not as confident as she needed to be.
"We're surrounded by a protection circle, they won't be able to board us", Alsansa announced.
"Thank you. But what about shooting us?"; Lady Riddle asked, glancing at the ghost ship.
"Those cannons are not real, but some strange sort of ghost cannons. I seriously doubt that ghost cannon balls will keep coming back", Reaper answered with a satisfied grin.
"Good. Then you and Sparky need to keep the ship safe", the captain stated.
"Consider it done, Fiddle!"
"What about the rest o
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The Windrider - Pt. 7
The island of Osara was nothing special: a piece of land covered by tropical forest and a port town. It was big enough to provide the inhabitants with everything they needed to live quite comfortably, but small enough to make this settlment the only one of the whole island. Also, Osara was quite plain, so if this island was home to an ancient temple of doom, it wasn't a big one. The pirates carefully approached the town, which was also called Osara. The majority of the buildings were small huts and out of the few big buildings, there were only two around which could be called mansions. But even this name was only deserved when they were directly compared to the poor surroundings.
"I don't like this place", Alsansa muttered to himself. The pirates were hiding in the nearby jungle and watching the town.
"I wonder where all the people are", Seren whispered.
"I'll have a look around", Alana said and changed into a tropical hummingbird.
"Osara is forsaken", Aisuru announced, lowering
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Epic Tale - Chapter 15 - Part 4
For the rest of the day, Lady Riddle stayed in her new cabin with Angel at her side. They were both working on a new version of the pirate charter. There were only a few changes in it, including a declaration from the captain that she would not use any kind of formal addresses and did not expect to receive them in return. She knew why people almost automatically had started calling her “Ma’am” instead of just “you” and “Lady Captain” instead of “Riddle/Riddly/Ridds/Fiddle” or whatever name they had used before. But understanding didn’t make the whole matter less annoying. She really liked these nicknames, they were by far superior to the ones she had received before joining with the pirates.
There were only few hours left until sunset when the captain and co-captain went to the main mast and pinned the new charter to it. Of course, they could have made an official announcement, but Lady Riddle didn’t want to have a third
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Epic Tale - Chapter 15 - Part 3
“My fellow pirates! No, you are more than that. Ever since I joined this crew, you have been my closest friends and my family. I was always proud to wear the black fedora and to be part of this crew, this community.I am still, even though some, things have changed. We lost our captain, the one man we all swore out loyalty to. The one man who offered us a new home, a new life, regardless of who we were and our past. It is because of one man we are where we are today.
But a ship cannot be without a captain. A crew cannot be without a captain. As you all know, Chenbeard offered me to take his place and I accepted. I did not do it because I crave for power. I accepted because we need a captain and until we have found someone you deem worthy of this position, I agreed to take it. Now if there is anyone who questions this decision, I will not force you to follow me. None of you pledged your allegiance to me and I will not ask you to do so. All I ask you is to trust our former captain
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Epic Tale - Chapter 15 - Part 2
“How can I help you, Crystal?”, Lady Riddle asked after closing the door. She waved at the seat before her desk and sat down at the other side.
“I assume you haven’t had a chance to go through all of my notes regarding the strange treasure we’re after.”, the archive began.
“I found them, but haven’t read my way through them.”
“Then I must ask you to do it before we set sail again.”
Lady Riddle arched her eyebrows.
“Why is that?”, she wondered.
“Because I feel I need to leave the ship for an unknown amount of time.”
Even though Lady Riddle had not expected to hear this, she knew better than to urge Crystal to explain why. Whether it was because of the Killer or some shadows of the past which caught up with her, it wasn’t Lady Riddle’s business. So instead she simply nodded.
“During the past days I was able to locate last island mentioned on the map”, the archive stated. Lady
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Epic Tale - Chapter 15 - Part 1
After several days of idleness, events followed in a quick succession for the pirates. The next morning had another surprise for the crew when Captain Chenbeard announced not only his temporary leaving, but also gave the leadership over to Lady Riddle. The former trickster was nervous, but as usual she did her best not to let anyone notice it. Using the excuse of having to work out a new pirate charter, she went to the cabin’s cabin. It was not hard moving cabins for her. Her belongings could still fit in a small bag, since she didn’t count Dabel as property.
She stored her items away in the cabin, but it still looked incredible empty and impersonal. In one of the desk’s drawers the new captain found a book. It contained basically a long table and dealt with the finances. Riddle had never thought once about how the supplies they gathered were actually paid for.
She now saw that this simply didn’t happen very often. Chenbeard hadn’t written down how he had
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Powerless Pirates - Part Five [FINAL]
“You know, Laeth, you made a fatal mistake. You made two mistakes, actually, both of which people in powerful positions often make.” Riddle sneered, her hard grey eyes locked on his.
“And what would that be?” The demon demanded.
Riddle drew a knife and pressing it to his skin before he could blink. “The first: you underestimated teamwork.” She drew the blade across the base of his neck, watching as a line of blood burbled forth.
“And the second?” He growled, refusing to give in.
“You thought you could get away with it.” She let go of him and stepped back, wiping the blade of her dagger on her trousers.
Laeth looked to Riddle. “You won’t kill me. You’re bluffing.” He said, a faint trace of fear making his eyes.
“My dear, you’ve made your third mistake.” She whispered and raised her arms to her crew. “He’s all yours.”
The pirates looked at Riddle, mostly out of confusio
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Powerless Pirates - Part Four
That night passed in a blur of preparations. Zoe and Angel had been asked to set up the rigging and tie them with heavy weights so, if they were cut, they could fall and catch around whatever was below. Truth and Sora, with Claire’s help, set up smaller traps that the pirates would know to look out for. At the same time, Yvonne and Crystal went about setting up traps that could be triggered at will. Borris sharpened his claws and many of the other pirates sharpened their own weapons. Erik in particular sharpened nearly his entire collection and strapped numerous blades about his person. Leelu had dragged out a large collection of knitted practicae dummies and was currently slashing at them with razor sharp knitting needles. The sight was rather frightening, truth be told.
Sarah Grace sat high up in the crow’s nest, holding tight to the plank beneath her so that she didn’t go flying. If she fell, and she couldn’t catch herself, she’d fall a long way to the
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Powerless Pirates - Part Three
A groan slipped free from Sarah Grace’s lips when somebody gently lifted her into a sitting position. Her head was spinning and her chest ached with such emptiness that it felt as if something had been ripped violently out of her chest. Distantly, she could hear some of the pirates coaxing others awake, all wondering what on earth had happened. She heard Leelu cursing something about being the first damsel in distress in the situation.
Glancing up, Grace saw a somewhat pale Paradox kneeling beside her, his hand on her shoulder. “What happened?” She croaked, forcing herself to sit up and lean forward, trying to keep the bile down.
“We’re not really sure, Miss Grace.” His voice was a bit shaky, and that worried Grace more than how weak she felt, and how many of the other pirates were still unconscious. She stood, briefly regretting it when her head swam, but looked around. With the exception of a few who were being awoken, the only pirates still consci
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Powerless Pirates - Part Two
Grace, thanking Aslansa and shooing his worried looks away, strode over to Riddle and Angel. “We need to talk, in private.” She said quietly. She knew the other pirates, especially those with overly sensitive hearing, would be able to hear any conversation they had, even if they retired to Riddle’s quarters. And while she knew without a shadow of a doubt that the news she needed to share would not frighten any aboard, it would anger them and she knew that some of the pirates should not be angered. With that thought alone, she glanced around, eyeing the likes that would jump into the fray of what was coming if they knew.
Riddle looked to Aisuru. As one of the first members aboard the ship, with only Frederic remaining who had preceded him, he held a great deal of respect among the crew. “Aisuru, my friend, ensure that all pirates are brought to the galley. Angel, Grace and I will be down below. Nobody is to leave the galley without my express word.” She sai
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Powerless Pirates - Part One
        The Sangue-Padre, a grand galleon constructed of the finest cherry wood with billowing white sails, drifted lazily through the flat sea, floating harmlessly along. It was the dead of summer, near mid-July, but a cold wind had swept in, bringing relief from the sweltering sun. Many of the pirates had taken the chance to venture up onto deck, some sunbathing, some reading, some running around causing a ruckus – namely Sparky, having stolen a freshly baked batch of cookies from Abbey.
        Sarah Grace, a young human, sprawled out across the warm deck, her arms hooked behind her head and her legs crossed at the ankle. She’d closed her silver-grey eyes and tilted her head back, basking in the sunlight. She’d grown pale over winter and it was finally time to amend the lack of sunlight. She wore a pair of shorts and a thin white tank top. Though she had no reason to hide them,
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Curse of the Witch, Chapter 4
The scream pierced my skull and I cried out, gripping my head. Hearing many hurried footsteps overhead, I struggled to find a place to hide, but there was nowhere. With a crash, the cargo hatch was hauled open.
"Stowaway, my dea'? Well, we know 'ow ta deal wif dem, now don't we, Lucy?" A man called from above. His accent was thick and drawn out, and reminded me of the screeches of seagulls. He leaped to the floor with a resounding thud and I screamed. That was no man.

"Talia? I'm not boring you, am I?" Lilt inquired with a laugh. I flinched, knocking over my goblet. Cursing, I shook my head, allowing the rum to soak into the cloth. He laughed again, grabbing my arm as I got up to clean up the mess. "At least it wasn't the candles. It'll dry. It looks better this way." It was true; the table cloth was one I had procured from a traveling peddler in a tiny town months ago, and it had not survived well at sea. I sighed, plopping heavily into my chair, which prompted him to appraise
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Scarscull's Treasure - Chapter 7
George soon talked to Riddle, his face serious. Everyone, like with the last obstacle, went to do their own thing in the cavern, while trying to figure out what it meant. Whispering could be heard, as well as a heated discussion between Peter and Zoe as they headed over to a place to sit.
Sparky listening more carefully than she appeared to be, cast her eyes to the ground. She then turned her eyes to Riddle and Zoe. They were the highest priority on her list of those to protect in the group right now, though the others were certainly there.
She hated being trapped.
She really hated it.
"Well I've already lost my mind, but as a reaper, souls are not hard to come by. Let's figure our way out of here!"  She grinned.
She had a bad feeling about this regardless.
"Stay in sight Ladies and Gents!" Sparky smiled in her Sparky way.
The wall reverted the words back to the normal runes, the orb right at the bottom of the text as soon as everyone spread out, either to search for something or
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I finally got my word back onto my computer and with that i can finally begin writing my chapters again! I thank everyone who waited for this moment and i will formally announce that i will be uploading chapters to my stories again real soon! I will also try to pump them out for a while to make up for the time lost! i've made a promise to work on Untitled (trent and Ares) for 3 chapters and I'm trying to get them all done in this week! Wish me luck!

In other news i'm watching a puppy for my cousin and she's adorable!



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